Kim Yu-Na x Nike Sportswear – N98 Jacket + Commemorative Pack

2 03 2010

Figure-skating is hardly a Korean past-time, but it damn sure will become one soon. National sweetheart Kim Yu Na won the gold in dominating fashion during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC and Nike, as they customarily do with premier athletes, gave props where it was due released a great Nike Sportswear N98 Jacket alongside a nice collection of visuals.

Nike’s been cultivating the sneaker sub-culture in Korea for quite some time and Nike Sportswear is slowly gaining prominence in the metro-dominated fashion scene. I haven’t been to Korea in a while but I know how the dudes over there dress; let’s just say guys will be rocking this women’s jacket. But white on gold, royal script on the back, just too slick to pass up. Continue reading for extra pics. Thanks to Bern at StreetRat.

I had no idea Kim Yu Na was also a singer, but only in Korea is becoming a singer/actor a practical career option. I recently saw a clip of her singing (while skating, naturally), and damn, she’s just talented all around. Experts have been calling Yu Na the next Kristi Yamaguchi, but I foresee a longer and more dominating legacy. Shredding ice and breaking hearts at every swift movement, the Yu Na name will surely go down in the history books. Good move, Nike.




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